How To Be Sad with Helen Russell

#2 Meik Wiking

February 24, 2021

Meik Wiking is a Danish happiness researcher, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, and author of the bestselling Little Book of Hygge.


Meik is committed to researching into how more of us can get happier, but in doing so, he’s also studied what doesn’t make us happier. His latest report studied the impact of the coronavirus on wellbeing and - spoiler alert – it isn’t great. Here, he talks about his experiences of loss and sadness – both personally and professionally.


In this episode, Meik talks to Helen about:

  • The loss of his mum at an early age
  • Why sadness matters
  • The dark side of happiness
  • Comparison anxiety and inequality
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Professional setbacks
  • Living with less
  • Acts of service and the importance of feeling ‘useful’
  • How to keep on an even keel
  • Finding joy in difficult times


Trigger: suicide, bereavement


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